The will to Speak Begins with You.

About Us

Since 2013, what makes us special and unique from any other program in the world.

Our Passion

Public speaking, debate, and leadership are our passions, and we want to share our excitement and expertise with others. Many don’t realize how important these skills are in any career and in life. We are here to help change that mentality.

Our Mission

We want to teach people how to become public speakers in a way that is different from any other organization: through a student to student relationship. This is because we all are constantly learning from each other.

What We Do

How we teach and help students have their voices heard.
There is no one right way to speak, and we are here to help you find your path to improvement, for free.

"I've always had a passion for public speaking, debate, leadership, and negotiation. However, I feel that it is time to take the next step in terms of leadership and teach others these incredibly important skills." — Co-Founder Brendan Wu. Our goal is to not only teach those who need these skills to harness them, but to relate to them in a way that an adult may not be able to do. By having a young, and excited team, we believe that we will be able to teach in a way that is unique and more effective than many other organizations. We will teach those needing to learn the basics, to those who are more experienced and wish to refine their skills. Another unique aspect of our organization is our networking. We will strive to refer and introduce students to other speech/debate programs and organizations. By doing this, students will now have the opportunity to showcase their skills to different audiences and types of people. We want to make a difference, so that you can too.

  • Public Speaking

    From the basics, to tips used by some of the most talented in the world.

  • Leadership

    How to organize events, be involved in school politics, and talk with their peers.

  • Current Events

    We will have students analyze current events happening around the world.


Who we are and our credentials.
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Brendan Wu

Co-Founder, CEO
Stanford University – Molecular/Cell Biology & Economics. 1st Place – Beghou Consulting Case Competition. 1st Place – Harvard Debate (2017,2016,2015). 2nd Place – Yale Debate (Budapest, Hungary 2013).
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Gregory Wu

Co-Founder, CTO
University of California, Berkeley – Molecular/Cell Biology & History. Catena Biosciences – Research Intern. Berkeley SkyDeck – Content Marketing Intern.
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James Morris, ED.D

Senior Advisor
Fremont Unified School District – Fmr. Superintendent. University of California, Los Angeles – Doctorate of Education.
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Dustin Chiang

Guest Speaker
Harvard University Graduate 2019 – Government & Economics.
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Justin Yue

Guest Speaker
Wharton School of Business Graduate 2020 – Finance & Management.



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